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Matrix Laboratories popularly known as MATLAB is a fourth generation high level programming language. It is a registered product of a company called MathWorks. It allows engineers to perform various type of computational processes such as matrix manipulations, plotting of mathematical functions, algorithm implementation and interfacing of user defined programs to the programs written in different computer languages such as JAVA, C, Python etc.

Industrial Applications of MATLAB®

Such enormous features and capabilities of this software has made its way to be incorporated in industries too. Some of the most common industries which use this software are discussed.

Electrical Engineering: It is used extensively in electrical engineering for signal-processing applications. Biomedical Engineering: The Image Processing Toolbox also includes a wide range of functions, many of them especially appropriate for medical imaging.

Fluid Dynamics: Calculations involving fluid velocities are important in various fields such as aerospace engineering. Visualizing the three-dimensional behavior of fluids is tricky, but MATLAB® offers a number of tools that make it easier. In recent years, the number of users of MATLAB® in India has increased exponentially. Now, MATLAB® is used in almost all institutions associated with scientific and mathematical learning and research. Keeping in view its extensive features, applications and ease of use, it has also been integrated into various courses. Geekslab’s MATLAB® Training program provides you with in-depth knowledge of the basics as well as advanced concepts of the domain.
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