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Having trained students in over 350+ Engineering Colleges across India, we at Geekslab Technologies are one of the biggest Training Service providers of the nation.

Geekslab provides state of the art training on Ethical Hacking with curriculum customized to requirent of the Industry.

At Geekslab, we believe that practical knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience. We ensure that you absorb the skill and knowledge by working on real world projects and geting your hands diry; giving you an profound insight of the domain in the process.

Key Features :

  • Preparing you understand the concepts of hacking and Information Security
  • Helping you understand the nuances of firewalls, honeypots, WEP/WPA/WPA2 hacking
  • Imparting in-depth knowledge of advanced hacking concepts: Mobile hacking, writing viruses, Reverse Engineering.
  • Hands-on knowledge of advanced concepts such as network packets sniffing and analysis, Securing web servers and hacking databases

Course Content :

1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

2. Computer Security Basics

3. Most Common Attacks

4. ASCII Code

5. Networking Basics and Security

6. IANA, Allotment of IP Address

7. Ping and Ping Sweep

8. Foot-Printing Techniques

9. Detecting Victim's OS

10. Detecting Firewall

11. Domain Name and DNS


13. Top Level Domains

14. DNS Delegation

15. Email Security

16. Hacking Mailing Clients

17. Instant Messengers Hacking (gtalk, yahoo, etc)

18. Port Scanning

19. Detecting Open Ports

20. Intellectual Property Theft

21. Trojan attack and countermeasure

22. Hacking by Key loggers

23. Steganography and Steganalysis

24. Identity Attacks

25. Proxy Server Attacks

26. Password Cracking

27. Sniffer and Wireless Hacking

28. Call Spoofing

29. Google Hacking

30. Buffer Overflow

31. DOS and DDOS Attacks

32. HoneyPots

33. 0-day Attacks

34. XSS Attacks

35. Windows and System Hacking

36. SQL Injection

37. Social Engineering Attacks

38. Defacing Website and Security Standards

39. Web Jacking

40. Finding Loopholes

41. Phishing Techniques

42. Cyber Law and Consulting

43. Cyber Forensics and Investigations

44. IT Act, 2000

45. CERT-IND and AO

46. Case Studies

47. Earning Money Online

48. Adsense and Adwords

Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !

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