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Having trained students in over 350+ Engineering Colleges across India, we at Geekslab Technologies are one of the biggest Training Service providers of the nation.

Geekslab provides state of the art training on IOT with curriculum customized to requirent of the Industry.

At Geekslab, we believe that practical knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience. We ensure that you absorb the skill and knowledge by working on real world projects and geting your hands diry; giving you an profound insight of the domain in the process.

Key Features :

  • Networks, protocols and basic software for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • How automated decision and control can be done with IoT technologies
  • Discuss devices including sensors, low power processors, hubs/gateways and cloud computing platforms
  • Learn about the relationship between data science and natural language and audio-visual content processing
  • Study research projects drawn from scientific journals, online media, and novels
  • Review fundamental techniques for visual feature extraction, content classification and high-dimensional indexing
  • Techniques that can be applied to solve problems in web-scale image search engines, face recognition, copy detection, mobile product search, and security surveillance
  • Examine data collection, processing and analysis

Course Content :

1. Introduction to IoT

2. IoT Architecture

3. Hands on with Arduino and Raspberry pi

4. Importance of Sensors in IoT Flow

5. Sensor Practical ( Hands on)

6. IOT Case Studies

7. IOT Acquisition & Platforms

8. IOT Communication Layer

9. IOT Storage & Retrieval

10. IOT Analytics & Visualization

11. IOT Security

12. IOT Frame Work

13. IOT Product Developme & Testing with Project

14. Interfacing sensor (Analog & Digital) with MCUs

15. Interfacing switches and LEDs with MCUs

16. Interfacing sensors and other peripherals using SPI and I2C communication protocols

17. Installation of Numpy, Panda, IoT analytics and many other python packages

18. Installation and Working with Ipython notebooks

19. Learning python fundamentals and programming

20. Running python on Raspberry Pi, GPIO programming

21. Setting up wireless (bluetooth) link between systems

22. Configuring bluetooth module by using AT commands

23. Configuring and uploading data on cloud using WiFi ESP8266 module using AT commands

24. Programming ESP8266 module using LUA and Micropython to access/upload data on cloud

25. Setting up HTTP server and testing HTTP methods on local host and with cloud

26. Setting up MQTT server and testing publish & subscribe methods

27. Understanding TCP/IP protocol and pushing and pulling data from cloud using Restful APIs

28. Understanding differences between TCP and UDP protocols practically

29. Setting up a private cloud/server on Raspberry Pi

Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !

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