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Having trained students in over 350+ Engineering Colleges across India, we at Geekslab Technologies are one of the biggest Training Service providers of the nation.

Geekslab provides state of the art training on MYSQL & DBA with curriculum customized to requirent of the Industry.

At Geekslab, we believe that practical knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience. We ensure that you absorb the skill and knowledge by working on real world projects and geting your hands diry; giving you an profound insight of the domain in the process.

Key Features :

  • Designing and implementing normalized database schemas
  • Creating Programmatic Database Objects
  • Managing Transactions and Concurrency
  • Implementing In-Memory Database Objects
  • Optimizing Performance for SQL Based Applications

Course Content :

1. Introduction SQL Server

2. Building the Database Schema

3. Protecting data integrity with constraints

4. Improving performance with indexes

5. Manipulating Data

6. Applying transactions

7. Writing Single Table Queries

8. Querying Multiple Tables

9. Combining results with set operators

10. Employing Functions in Data Retrieval

11. Performing analysis with aggregate functions

12. Constructing Nested Queries

13. Including subqueries in expressions

14. Developing In-Line and Stored Views

Each of the above module contains sub-modules, for complete course details contact us !

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